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Delivery Driving - A Great Job But With Risks

Delivery drivers face a number of challenges in the course of their work. These include the risk of theft, physical injury, and even serious mental stress. However, because many delivery drivers are contractors rather than employees, they aren’t always eligible for standard insurance policies. This means they may struggle to find affordable insurance with enough coverage unless they take steps to research and find appropriate policies specifically designed for people working as delivery drivers.

The risks that come with being a delivery driver are numerous and can arise at any moment on any given day. Some workers will be required to drive during peak traffic hours in order to meet time constraints set by their employers; however, these peak hours also coincide with peak danger times for drivers due to increased congestion, volume of pedestrians and other road users, and various other factors.

The Dangers of Being a Delivery Driver

The most obvious danger for delivery drivers is being involved in a traffic collision. Any collision, whether it be a minor one or a more serious, out-of-control accident, will almost certainly result in damage to the delivery vehicle, medical bills, and possibly even missing work. For example, dents, scratches, and other minor damages can be repaired with just the cost of parts and labour, but a serious collision can result in thousands of pounds in repair costs, as well as damage to any goods that are carried.

Delivery drivers also face the risk of being attacked or robbed; this is rare but it does happen!. These risks are higher during hours of darkness, as well as in areas where a high amount of crime is reported.

Other risks that delivery drivers face include being involved in a traffic accident with a pedestrian, driving on icy surfaces, and inclement weather conditions such as flooding, heavy snowfall, and high winds.

Theft is one of the most common dangers and is especially prevalent at the beginning and end of each shift, when the driver is either collecting or returning goods. According to statisticts, the most common items stolen from delivery drivers are cash, electronics, and tobacco products.

Physical injuries are another common danger. Delivery drivers often have to climb stairs, lift heavy loads, or bend or stoop to reach items that are out of their reach. These types of activities can easily result in serious back, knee, or joint problems, which can have long-lasting, serious health effects.

Theft Risk

Any truck driver or delivery driver who is transporting goods that are valuable or can be easily resold is at risk of theft. This can include electronics, appliances, furniture, and other goods. Depending on the type of goods being transported, there is also the risk that they could be broken or damaged during transit. It is important that any goods being transported are properly packaged and secured so that they cannot be stolen or damaged during the journey.

Physical Injury Risk

Delivery drivers may sustain physical injuries in a number of ways, including being involved in a traffic accident and incurring whiplash, back injuries, and other types of car accident injuries. Other physical injuries that delivery drivers may sustain include sprains and strains, cuts, and a variety of other wounds and health issues.

The risk of physical injury is present at every step of the delivery process. Delivery drivers can be injured by a slip-and-fall accident or by lifting and carrying items that are too heavy for the driver. They can also be injured by a vehicle accident, which is one of the most common hazards of driving for a living. Given the itinerant nature of the job, an accident can happen almost anywhere. Although injuries suffered by employees while on the job are typically covered by Employees Liability Insurance, self-employed drivers are not likely to be able to benefit from this.

Mental Health Risk

Many delivery drivers work long hours, in addition to having to contend with the various road hazards set forth above. On top of that, they often have to deal with demanding customers who place orders for items that are difficult to deliver. Customers may be dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes for a delivery driver to finish a particular run, especially if the driver is running behind schedule due to traffic congestion and other road factors. If a delivery driver is required to work long hours, in addition to having to contend with difficult customers, this can lead to mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Whilst not as much of a physical danger to drivers, mental health issues caused by long hours and monotony, coupled with the risk of having to deal with angry customers, can lead to serious mental health problems, especially for those who are not equipped with the abilities to deal with the pressures of their job.

Road Hazards Risk

Delivery drivers are frequently exposed to road hazards, such as inclement weather, excessive heat, and the occasional flood. Pothole damage or tears to tyres caused by road debris can often be very difficult to avoid, particularly during the hours of darkness or bad weather. They may also be at risk of encountering careless or reckless drivers, pedestrians who are not paying attention to their surroundings, or other hazards.

Insuring Against the Risks for Delivery Drivers

Given the risks associated with being a delivery driver, it is important to find insurance that is tailored to your specific needs. This includes meeting your financial, health, and vehicle insurance needs. Because many delivery drivers are contractors who do not receive benefits from employers, there are certain types of insurance that are essential when working in this profession.

There are a few different ways that delivery drivers can protect themselves against the risks that come with their job. First and foremost, delivery drivers should be sure to have Hire and Reward cover, which is a legal requirement. Most standard insurance policies do not provide this cover for delivery drivers, so they must make sure that their policy covers their particular line of work. Goods in Transit insurance may be insisted upon by employers or main contractors, and it is often bundled with Hire and Reward cover; this could cover the goods being transported against loss, damage or theft risks.

Delivery drivers should also be sure to take advantage of health and wellness plans, including vision and dental coverage. These types of plans can help to cover the cost of any physical or mental health issues that may arise due to the risky nature of the driver’s job.


The occupation of delivery driver can be both rewarding and challenging. While it can be a potentially lucrative career, it carries risks as well as well. Delivery drivers face risks on a daily basis ranging from the theft of goods to physical injury.

Fortunately, there are insurance policies designed to protect delivery drivers from these risks and many others. Delivery driver insurance policies are often tailored specifically to the risks faced by this occupation.

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