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Aerobatics Instructor Insurance

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Teach Aerobatics? Got enough insurance?

In the UK, aerobatics instructors need liability insurance as a condition of membership with the British Aerobatic Council. This is not just because they are working activities but also because they are coaching others to take risks. If something goes wrong and someone gets hurt, the instructor may be held liable. However, what if an accident was not their fault? Does that mean they should avoid offering aerobatics training? There are many other professions that require liability insurance as part of their membership conditions. It gives reassurance to their members and ensures that if anything happens, they have financial support. That way, instructors can continue teaching knowing that no matter what may happen, they will be financially supported. Liability insurance is for people who coach others to take risks — it’s not just about jobs involving risk!

Aerobatics Insurance for Instructors

Aerobatics instructors will usually need to carry a sports policy as they are coaching others to take risks. This type of policy will include indemnity against legal action as well as accidental injury. Sports policies are much more expensive than non-sports policies and are only necessary if you are coaching others to take risks. Non-sports policies are sufficient for those who just want to take out extra cover for their own activities such as a wedding. If an instructor’s students are doing dangerous things, the instructor may be held responsible if something goes wrong. One way to protect themselves is to get insurance.

What Does UK Aerobatics Instructor Liability Insurance Cover?

Almost all personal insurance policies will cover a list of events known as ‘perils’. Liability insurance is a type of policy that covers you against the risk of legal action being brought against you as a result of the work that you do. Liability policies typically have three main ‘gaps’ on their risk assessment that need to be filled. While there is not one format of policy that works for all instructors, the most common type of policy covers the following: - Personal injury: This is the most important part; it covers any injuries that the instructor or their students sustain. Depending on the level of cover selected, these payments can vary from a few thousand to over £1 million. - Damage to property: Any damage or destruction of property as a result of an incident that occurred while the instructor was at work. Again, the level of coverage will depend on the level of policy taken out. - Third party liability: This is designed to protect the instructor against any damage or loss that they may cause to a third party (for example, the owner of a car that the instructor damages while working).

An Accident
Accidents Happen!

Types of Coverage in UK Aerobatics Instructor Liability Insurance

Legal Liability Cover: This is the most important aspect of any liability insurance. It covers the instructor against legal action being brought against them as a result of their work. The policy should cover any potential accidents or errors that may occur while the instructor is at work. Public Liability Cover: This is an additional cover that may be added to a liability policy. It is designed to protect the instructor against damage caused to third parties. For example, if the instructor is performing at a public event and a member of the audience is injured and sues them. Employer’s Liability Cover: This is a type of policy that might be required in certain professions. It is designed to cover the business against claims being brought against them as a result of an error made by the instructor.

Why is Liability Insurance Important for Instructors?

While instructors may not have any intention of doing something wrong, accidents do happen. In some circumstances, these accidents could be the fault of the instructor. While the instructor would likely be fully liable, they might not have the financial resources to pay the compensation. This would leave them in an extremely difficult situation. Liability insurance keeps instructors covered even when they are not at fault. If someone is injured while being coached by the instructor and sues, the insurance policy will cover the instructor’s legal costs. This will allow the instructor to focus on helping the injured party.


While instructors may not intend to cause injuries, students will inevitably be hurt during training. Liability insurance covers these costs and allows instructors to continue doing their job and teaching others. If you are an instructor who is responsible for coaching others in high-risk activities, we recommend that you get a liability insurance policy.

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