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How is Short-Term Car Insurance Affected by Penalty Points on My Licence?

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In the UK, driving offences can result in penalty points being added to a motorist's driving licence. From speeding to drink-driving, these points serve as a mark against a driver's record. But how do these penalty points impact the prospects of obtaining short-term car insurance? Let's explore.

Understanding Penalty Points

Before delving into the effects on insurance, it's essential to grasp what penalty points are. The UK's penalty point system serves to penalise drivers for various traffic offences. Points can range from 1 to 11, depending on the severity of the violation, and remain on the licence for a period ranging from 4 to 11 years.

Implications for Short-Term Car Insurance

1. Eligibility for Insurance

Having penalty points can narrow down the pool of insurers willing to offer short-term policies. Some providers might outright decline applications from drivers with specific offences or those who have accrued a high number of points in a short span.

2. Premium Rates

For those insurers that do offer short-term policies to drivers with points, there is likely to be an increase in premium rates. The logic behind this is simple: drivers with penalty points are viewed as higher risk, and this risk is reflected in the cost of insurance.

3. Limited Options

Whilst there are insurers specialising in providing policies for drivers with points or convictions, the options for short-term insurance can be more limited. This can sometimes mean that drivers have fewer choices in terms of policy features or add-ons.

Effect of Different Offences

Not all penalty points are treated equally when it comes to insurance. More severe offences, such as dangerous driving or drink-driving, have a more significant impact on insurance prospects compared to lesser offences like minor speeding violations. A high number of points for multiple minor offences, however, can also be viewed negatively by insurers.

Disclosure is Key

When applying for short-term car insurance, it's essential to be honest about any penalty points on your licence. Withholding or falsifying information can lead to the policy being invalidated, which can have serious legal and financial implications down the line. Most insurers will conduct checks against the DVLA records, so honesty is the best policy.

Ways to Mitigate the Impact

1. Attend a Rehabilitation Course

For certain offences, drivers might be given the option to attend a driving rehabilitation course. Successful completion can sometimes result in points being removed or not added at all.

2. Wait It Out

Penalty points aren't permanent. Over time, points will expire and be removed from a driving record. If feasible, drivers can consider waiting until points have expired before seeking short-term insurance to benefit from potentially lower rates.

3. Shop Around

Whilst some insurers might be hesitant about insuring drivers with penalty points, others may not be as restrictive. It's always a good idea to compare different providers and their offerings to find a suitable policy.


Penalty points on a driving licence can undoubtedly influence the accessibility and cost of short-term car insurance in the UK. However, by understanding the system, being transparent with insurers, and considering available options, drivers can still find coverage that meets their needs.

It's important to note that all policies are different, and terms, conditions, and benefits can vary significantly.

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