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What Happens If I Need Travel Insurance but Have a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

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The Importance of Declaring Your Condition

When considering travel insurance, it's vital to declare any pre-existing medical conditions to the insurance provider. Not doing so can result in your insurance being invalidated, leaving you unprotected financially whilst abroad.

Full Disclosure: Always be upfront and provide detailed information about your condition, including medications and treatments.

How Insurers View Pre-existing Conditions

Insurance providers assess the risk associated with offering insurance based on the nature and severity of the medical condition:

Higher Premiums: Depending on the medical condition, insurers might charge a higher premium to account for the potential increased risk.

Exclusions: Some insurance policies may exclude specific conditions, or aspects related to them, from their protection.

Benefits of Specialist Insurance Providers

Whilst mainstream insurers may sometimes be hesitant to offer insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, several specialist providers cater specifically to this group:

Customised Policies: These providers often have policies tailored to various conditions, ensuring that you receive suitable protection.

Experience: Specialist insurers are typically more experienced in understanding and managing the variations of different medical conditions.

Understanding the Insurance Implications

Having a pre-existing condition can have certain implications for your travel insurance:

Waiting Periods: Some policies might have a waiting period before the insurance becomes active, especially if the condition has been recently diagnosed or has had recent treatment changes.

Additional Documentation: Insurers might require medical reports or letters from your GP detailing the nature and stability of your condition.

Staying Safe Whilst Travelling

Even with insurance in place, it's essential to consider your health whilst travelling:

Medications: Ensure you have enough medication for your trip's duration and familiarise yourself with regulations about bringing medicines into your destination country.

Local Health Facilities: Research the health facilities available at your destination, so you know where to go if you need medical assistance.


Obtaining travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition may require a bit more effort, but it's essential to ensure you're adequately protected. By being transparent with insurance providers and researching the best options, you can enjoy your travels with peace of mind.

Note: This article offers general advice and may not cover specific situations. Always consult with a professional or your policy documentation for detailed guidance.

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